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O Rings & Seals

We stock a wide selection of seals from
O Rings to U Seals.

Piston & Rod Seals

Piston Seals

Piston seals are as the name suggests are designed to seal between the piston and the cylinder. Available for split and solid pistons, double and single acting, metric or imperial and telescopic too.

Rod Seals

Rod seals, also known as Gland seals, Headbush or Neck seals are designed to seal between the rod and the gland (headbush). The majority of these are single acting (they seal pressure from one side), although there are a few examples of double-acting rod seals around. As with most seals these are available in many different materials, metric or imperial sizes and styles.

U Seals

U seals can also be called cup seals and work on either the piston or rod depending on the lip configuration. Also available in various materials & metric or imperial sizes.

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