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Linear bearings

Linear bearings are designed for precision guidance; whether you’re using linear ball bearings (also called stroke bushings), ball & roller screws or linear carriages and guideways. Which product you require will depend on the required accuracy, stiffness and positioning for your application

Linear Ball Bearings

Linear ball bearings consist of a polymeric cage with raceway segments made of hardened steel to guide the ball sets within the complete system. Re-circulating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement. They are also available in a range of units that feature lightweight, cast aluminum housings. Combined with shafts and accessories, this complete offer can be used to develop simple, cost-effective linear guiding systems for a wide variety of applications.

Ball & roller screws

Ball screws and roller screws convert rotary motion into linear motion and vice-versa. Linear screws are fitted with either balls or rollers that transmit the power between the nut and the screw shaft. The rolling motion reduces the friction between the nut and the screw shaft therefore the torque and power of the motor to drive an application are much lower, the wear rate is minimized and the life of the product is much higher than the traditional sliding screws.

Linear carriages & guideways

Most common types of carriages can consist of either a ball version which is a full compliment ball guidance system with four rows of balls in two point contact with the raceways, or a track roller version, both of which run on a linear guideway designed for either carriage.

The bearings provide smooth motion, low friction, high rigidity and long life.

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