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Maintenance & Ancillary

We stock a wide selection of maintenance and ancillary products to keep things ticking over nicely

Circlips & E-Clips


Circlips are widely used within the industrial sector usually to help retain bearings or similar on shafts or within housings and specified based on either the shaft or housing size not the groove. They are available in metric or imperial sizes for internal or external applications with varying design differences such as heavy duty or with increased abutments. Various materials are available such as carbon steel, phosphor bronze and stainless steel.


E-clips are a variation of circlips which are more suited to provide a larger shoulder width for smaller shafts than standard circlips, they are fitted directly onto the groove from the side of the shaft and are specified as per the diameter of the groove. Again they are available in various materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel.

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